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Tom Wenger - 2.2.2024

How we made our new website

We are excited to announce that our new website (this website you're on right now) has been built using four of the most modern web technologies available today: Astro, Strapi, SolidJS and Tailwind CSS. This combination of tools allows us to build a website that is fast, secure, scalable, and visually appealing.

Thomas Schneiter - 24.11.2021

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a compelling technology which is already being successfully deployed in many different sectors, like healthcare, manufacturing, games. The technology is mostly available in native mobile and desktop environments. In recent years AR has found its way into web applications. More and more devices and browsers support some AR features. The W3C gradually adds and improves the specification of which features should be supported.

Matthias Baldi - 1.10.2021

Our journey to the cloud

In the last few months, we migrated our infrastructure from self-managed Linux hosts to a cloud setup with Kubernetes due to new requirements. The reasons for the migration were diverse: We needed better scalability due to multi-tenancy and on the operations side a more modern tooling and CI/CD (configuration as code) integration for faster deployments. In the following blog post we write about our journey, the problems we met and the current state of our infrastructure.

David Strahm - 1.7.2021


When developing an artificial intelligence model to classify images, the biggest challenge is often interpreting the results. Using validation data is one way, but most of the time, the trained network remains a black box and we don't know, how exactly the result was obtained. Grad-CAM offers you a way to see what your AI sees.

Matthias Baldi - 11.9.2020

Cypress and Angular

In this article I will show a possible architecture in order to reuse much of the test code and how to minimize code changes and the maintenance effort during development by holding the test data and selectors externally.

David Strahm - 10.3.2020

OpenCv.js custom build

OpenCv is a powerful computer vision library, giving you access to lots of basic and advanced image processing operations. Check out the documentation with an interactive playground and lots of examples. There is also a Javascript and WebAssembly build available, which means you can use OpenCv in a web application. Unfortunately, the default build is quite large at about 7.6Mb.

Edi Spring - 17.5.2019

Jest with Angular

We are using Angular to build complex business application since the early version of AngularJS. While we love the framework and its rich ecosystem, we always struggled with the painful testing experience based on Jasmine and Karma. Our main pain points were the performance and the missing functionality to rerun only changed tests. With Jest, a testing platform from Facebook, these two points are solved in an elegant way and in addition it offers even more benefits.