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Berner JS Talk am 26.6.2018

Publiziert am 04. Jun 2018 von Daniel Margreth

Kurz vor der Sommperause gibt es eine nächste Berner JS Talks Ausgabe mit zwei interessanten Themen:

Bitcoin Crypto with Javascript

Bitcoin is much more than just a blockchain. It is also one of the largest-scale deployments of applied cryptography in the world. We are going to have a closer look at the cryptography primitives that are used in a crypto currency and at some of the JavaScript libraries that implement them.

Oliver Gugger: I'm a full stack software engineer working for Puzzle ITC in Bern and also an Open Source enthusiast currently contributing to the Lightning Network Daemon (lnd) that will help Bitcoin scale.

Why did I choose Ionic and why I'm glad I made that decision

Two years ago when I began my journey with my startup Fluster, I had to select a technology I didn't knew to build for the very first time in my life a mobile application. After some research and tries, I finally made the decision to use Ionic, a free and open source framework to build hybrid mobile and progressive web apps, and I'm still happy I made that choice.
During this talk, I gonna tell you the story of my journey building from scratch an app using Ionic and the related technologies like Angular and Cordova. From my point of view, while trying to be impartial, I will try to present the strongness and (really few) weakness of that development and operational period.
Furthermore, I will try to summarize my understanding of the future of that fast moving ecosystem specially Ionic, Angular, Capacitor and StencilJS.
And of course, finally, I will end the talk with a small code demo combining these cool frameworks ;)

David Dal Busco - is the founder of Fluster, the marketplace for rooms and roommates which plenty of features to do the life easier. His also the organizer of the Ionic Zürich Meetup

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