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Lambda IT @ Hackweek 2016

Publiziert am 11 Dezember 2016 unter AngularJavascriptRxJsNews von Susanne

Für die jährliche Hackweek reiste unser Team ins Tessin, um eine Woche lang intensiv neue Technologien zu vertiefen.
Der Schwerpunkt in dieser Woche lag auf Angular 2 und Ionic Framework.

Reactive Data Flow in Angular 2

Publiziert am 20 Januar 2016 unter AngularReduxRxJsJavascript von Wayne

Whilst Angular 2 does have a form of two-way data binding, it does not prescribe a data flow architecture. One of it's selling features is being pattern agnostic and that it will work with an MVC or a Flux architecture. Therefore it's up to as developers to choose an appropriate pattern.

Angular2 has RxJS baked in (however it does not that mandate Observables should be used throughout the entire application), and so my first attempt and managing data flow will be based on RxJS. An MVI architecture therefore seems to be a natural fit.