Berner JS Talk am 23.10.2017

Publiziert am 18 Oktober 2017 unter Bärner JS Talks, Javascript, News von Daniel

Die nächste Edition der BernerJS wird am 23.10.2017 in den Büroräumlichkeiten der Lambda-IT durchgeführt. Es werden die folgenden Themen behandelt:

Create server rendered React apps with Next.js and a GraphQL backend

We will explore how easy it's to get started building a React app with server rendering, automatic code splitting, styling with CSS-in-JS and an awesome Webpack-based developer experience with Hot module replacement using Next.js. The presentation will be based on rebuilding a personal website with this stack and connecting it to a GraphQL backend.

Andreas Keller (@itsakeller) loves building websites with React and apps with React Native for his employer E-GUMA and different personal projects. He recently started a React Native meetup in Bern and would love to help popularize React in Switzerland.


From git to a running container: automatic application building & deployment 

In this talk we will see how to build and deploy any application stack. With the help of gitlab ci/cd we will first build the docker container automatically. Then we push the container into gitlabs own docker registry. And finally, we deploy it with rancher onto any docker host. We will see some of the benefits of the git-gitlab-docker-rancher roudtrip like:

Deployment into different environmentsautomatic routingdeployment of multicontainer applications

Michael Heimann from LerNetz