BärnerJS Talk #4

Publiziert am 17 Oktober 2019 unter News, Bärner JS Talks von Ilona

Das Datum für den BärnerJS Talk #4 steht fest: am Dienstag, 26. November 2019 findet er diesmal bei Iterativ statt.


Um was geht es?

"Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) enhance web applications and make them ready for the future. In this session we dive into the world of PWAs with Angular, looking at different caching strategies to boost performances and in which scenarios it is better to use them. We will explore which tools and frameworks we can use nowadays to create Progressive Web Apps. We will then bring those features to a next level with Cloud Firestore, showing how it is possible to provide our users a "never offline" experience by combining those technologies."

Details und Anmeldung wie immer auf Meetup.


Über Francesco Leardini:

"I work as senior consultant and Angular trainer at Trivadis AG. I love frontend technologies and in the specific the possibilities provided by service workers and modern web technologies."