Bärner JS Talk am 22.11.2016

Publiziert am 01 November 2016 unter Functional Programming, Javascript, Bärner JS Talks, News von Edi

Practical Functional Programming in Javascript

Many introductions to Functional Programming can scare developers away by introducing difficult to understand concepts like Monads and Functors. Wayne from Lambda IT will talk about practical Function Programming with examples based on everyday use of the approach. The main themes will be:

• Moving away from an imperative approach to programming

• Preference for immutability rather than mutation of data

• Examples of FP using lodash and RxJS

A further talk next year about CycleJS will build on these concepts.

Slides: Functional Programming Slides

AMA - Visual Studio Code

I’ll start off by writing a little extension and along the way I’ll explain the architecture and ideas behind Visual Studio Code. Ask me anything! Good questions would be: What are the benefits of TypeScript? What is Electron and why is it awesome? What is a language server and how to be extensible but not fragile? There will be no bad questions and hopefully no bad answers.

Johannes Rieken, software engineer at Microsoft, works on Visual Studio Code and loves programming.