Bärner JS Talk am 17.10.2016

Publiziert am 24 Oktober 2016 unter Javascript, Bärner JS Talks, News von Edi

Data-Driven Apps with React

Over the last few months one of our development teams has been working on data-driven mobile apps for multiple customers. The architecture, design and technology choices have gone through various iterations and we have learned a lot along the way. In this talk we want to share some of the experiences we have made, talk about architecture and design decisions. We will discuss some core design concepts that have proven their value, for data-driven mobile apps as well as other types of applications.


Corsin Decurtins, CTO at Netcetera, IT architect as well as occasional, but passionate Java and JS developer

Wepack DLLs

Webpack for medium-sized or large projects A few pointers and techniques on how to configure Webpack for large collections of vendor code and how to separate dev and production builds.


Christof Leuenberger Fullstack Web Developer at Liip

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