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Bärner JS Talk am 16.09.2015

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This will be the first installment of the Bärner JS Talks (organised by Iterativ and Lambda IT), where we'd like to provide a platform for Javascript developers in the Berne region to present and discuss different JS topics. The goal is to keep the presentations short to have enough time to discuss each topic afterwards.

On the 16th of September we'll have the following line-up:

NodeJS Insights

Angular JS best practices @iterativ

Angular JS best practices @Lambda_IT


20. SI-SE Fachtagung, Next Generation Web & Mobile UIs, 7./8. Mai 2015

Publiziert am 24 April 2015 unter AngularJavascriptNews von Wayne

Wayne Maurer spricht am 8. Mai 2015 an der SI-SE Fachtagung über Single-Page Applications (SPA) und Angular.js.

20. SI-SE Fachtagung

Talk @ Guild 42, 17. November 2014 on Single-Page Applications

Publiziert am 15 Juni 2014 unter AngularJavascriptNews von Wayne

Wayne Maurer spricht am 17.11.2014 an einem Guild 42 Anlass über Single-Page Applications (SPA).

Single-Page Applications are fluid, highly-responsive, native-like applications that run in a regular web browser, using HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. Whereas a traditional server-side web application makes constant page reloads, an SPA loads a single HTML page and dynamically updates the page as the user interacts with the application.

Guild 42