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20. SI-SE Fachtagung, Next Generation Web & Mobile UIs, 7./8. Mai 2015

Publiziert am 24 April 2015 unter AngularJavascriptNews von Wayne

Wayne Maurer spricht am 8. Mai 2015 an der SI-SE Fachtagung über Single-Page Applications (SPA) und Angular.js.

20. SI-SE Fachtagung

Talk @ Guild 42, 17. November 2014 on Single-Page Applications

Publiziert am 15 Juni 2014 unter AngularJavascriptNews von Wayne

Wayne Maurer spricht am 17.11.2014 an einem Guild 42 Anlass über Single-Page Applications (SPA).

Single-Page Applications are fluid, highly-responsive, native-like applications that run in a regular web browser, using HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. Whereas a traditional server-side web application makes constant page reloads, an SPA loads a single HTML page and dynamically updates the page as the user interacts with the application.

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