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Custom schematics with nx workspace

Publiziert am 19 Juli 2018 unter AngularJavascript von David

Angular CLI is great for scaffolding components, services, pipes and so on. But often you find yourself changing a lot of stuff after scaffolding because of company coding conventions, best practices or simply because of your preferences. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could scaffold components with Angular CLI using your custom templates?


Using Jest with Angular

Publiziert am 19 Juni 2018 unter AngularJavascriptJestTesting von Daniel

We are using Angular to build complex business application since the early version of AngularJS. While we love the framework and its rich ecosystem, we always struggled with the painful testing experience based on Jasmine and Karma. Our main pain points were the performance and the missing functionality to rerun only changed tests. With Jest, a testing platform from Facebook, these two points are solved in an elegant way and in addition it offers even more benefits.

This article shows how to configure your Angular application to integrate Jest. The article assumes that you are using an Angular CLI v6.0.x generated project from Angular v6.0.x. But it works too on earlier version of Angular projects.

Uphill Conf 2018 - ein voller Erfolg

Publiziert am 07 Juni 2018 unter NewsAngularRxJs von Daniel

Am 26. & 27. April 2018 fand die erste Uphill Conf auf dem Gurten in Bern statt. Internationale Speaker präsentieren Ihr Wissen im ausverkauften Glasspavillon. Am Tag vor der Konferenz besuchten mehr als 110 EntwicklerInnen den Workshop Tag. Mit fast 400 Besuchern übertraf die Konferenz die Erwartungen der Organisatoren.