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BärnerJS Talk #5 - WebBluetooth und Angular Libraries

Der nächste BernerJS Talk findet am 2. September 2021 in den Büros von Lambda statt

Publiziert am 19. Aug. 2021 von Daniel Margreth

Nach exakt 357 Tagen werden wir wieder ein Bärner JS Talk in den Büros von Lambda durchführen mit 2 spannenden Themen. Anmelden kann man sich über den folgenden Link

WebBluetooth - the missing link - Nico Martin

With Progressive Web Apps and the Project-FUGU, the web is increasingly becoming a full-fledged platform for complex applications. But what has been missing for a long time is the possibility to communicate with devices in the periphery. With WebBluetooth, this gap has now been closed, which makes it possible to interact with light bulbs, fitness trackers or even drones directly via a web application. Sounds pretty cool, and it is. But those who are used to open and transparent transmission protocols will inevitably come up against a few hurdles.

Speaker bio

Nico Martin is a self-taught and self-employed web-developer and Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies from Switzerland focused on modern frontend development. One of his great passions is to play around with new technologies and share his learnings in articles, workshops or talks.

The Best Way To Architect Your Angular Libraries - Tomas Trajan

Angular libraries are very common, almost every Angular project uses some of the available open source solutions - be it for state management, authentication or a component library. As the amount of Angular applications grows it is almost inevitable that we're going to introduce some internal libraries to take care of repeated business logic or even an organization specific look and feel with custom component framework!

In this talk we're going to explore how to architect Angular libraries with the help of sub-entries so that our consumers can benefit from the smallest possible bundle size and our teammates from great developer experience when adding additional components and services to the library itself!

Speaker bio

Tomas is a Google Developer Expert for Angular & Web Technologies working as a consultant and Angular trainer currently empowering teams in Swiss enterprise organizations by implementing core functionality and architecture, introducing best practices and sharing know-how and optimizing workflows.

Tomas always strives to provide as much value as possible for both the customers and the wider developer community which is underlined by a long track record of popular articles, talks and open source projects.

His most recent endeavor was creating Omniboard - the best tool for enterprise lead software engineers and architects that helps them to get an overview to drive change by querying and tracking all their code bases!

BärnerJS Talk #5 - WebBluetooth und Angular Libraries


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